By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Aug 01
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She said

She said:"you're always like that,won't you ever change?"
but she doesn't listen to me,it takes two to work it out
mum,isn't life strange?
you could've raised me up to be an angel mum but instead I have turned
into a beast.. you created me mum,would you have loved me more
at least?
I hate letting you down mum,I honestly do..
we never faught this much before,it's become something new..
You say you're sick of it all,you wish you'd go back,
what about us mum?we're your kids,we need you,your attention we lack!
It makes me so sad to see those precious tears whenever you cry,
with regret and hidden fear those rivers i wish i could dry..
Maybe it's time for you to accept that I'm not perfect,
after all I'm only human,someone who's trying to gain your respect..
I know I could be hasty sometimes mum,but I only want to be heard,
because whenever I talk to you,you tend to ignore every word..
I'm only hurting myself because I want your eyes to see,
a broken heart I am now,you're the only one who can fix it because you have the key..

                                           1/8/2003 sunday