By wordley
Date: 2004 Aug 01
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Oh my lady, where art thou this day?
I have fought many demons to find,
That here, in my soul, thou does hold sway
And your voice, soothing balm to my mind;
No excalibur may find its home in my heart,
No stone, unfeeling , dwells there
In my Camelot, no dragons may find a fresh start
For they cannot survive my love's glare;
If Merlin could weave a cloak of disguise
I would invade the folds of your dreams
But this would dissolve with the sun at sunrise
And leave me alone with my schemes;
I am love's champion, valiant and bold
And on my steed of truth I ride forth
To win back your love, all I can hold
And drive doubt back to the north,
From whence it came, a cold, dark land
Where the fires of love have burned low
Where hate and deceit have stretched forth its hand
And the mournful winds do blow;
I have ridden into battle on many a day
I have slain those who sought love's demise
And have courted and loved, have shown the way
To those who have love in their eyes;
Yet still do I seek that one, perfect heart
Is my quest so wholly in vain?
Is this legend I chase just one little part
Or will you finally come to me again......