By wordley
Date: 2004 Aug 04
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To a Friend ,,,revisited

I have sat here now for hours, wondering what to write,
Staring at screen and keyboard, long into the night,
My coffee has gone cold, my eyes burn from concentration
Sentences just fall apart, no chance of restoration;
I don't how to begin to describe the love I have for you
A love that, like the universe, wasn't there and then it blew
A hole in the fabric of space and time, as you blew a hole in my day
That moment I first bumped into you, my breath was wrenched away
My eyes were opened, my heart set free, but I new you couldn't be mine,
For you loved another, much luckier man whose life you make so fine
But thats OK, I'm just glad I've seen your heart, your soul, your smile
And I'm sure to think of something to write if I sit here for awhile.....

                    To Lesley....