By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Aug 07
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Love me

Take one good look at me,
Look deep in my eyes,
Look through these burning tears..
I wonder what you've seen in them..
I wonder what they told on me..
I wonder if you're on to my wish..
To "LOVE ME" I'd secretly hope for,
Dear "God" every day I love you more,
mercy you have always show your people.
You never closed that door..
Dear "God" I always try not to forget,
but the devil keeps on playing with my mind,
And I end up in regret..
LOVE Me for I am lost without your guide,
I love so much dear "GOD" in heart and mind..
and a place in heaven next to your angels I
wish I'd find.

Thursday 22-1-2004