By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Aug 07
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CĄpY c/-\T

Copy cat you'll never be me,
copy cat we're so different,open your eyes and see..
copy cat you're nothing like me,
copy cat get a life and let me be..

You lived my fantasy,you broke the rule,
you stole my dream,took it,still I stand watching like a fool..

Copy cat you destroyed all that is mine,
copy cat a lesson I shall teach you for you have crossed the line..

A life you won't have when I'm gone,
with no one to copy,afraid to be yourself,you start to run..

Without me as her shadow and the loss of her guide,
day light her eyes have not seen,for in the dark she'd hide..

Without copying me now,she has to make it on her own,
everything about her is fake,the reality is finaly shown..

Copy cat must follow and not lead,
copy cat anger her heart she will feed,
copy cat I promised myself it is you I will defeat,
copy cat you'll see me standing again on both feet.

Tuesday 20-1-2004