By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Aug 07
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Picture clear now

Four closed walls and I'm in between,
there's no way out,not after all that I have seen..
I'm trapped between two shadows: the present and past..
I should think of an escape,I have to act fast..
All doors closed,with confused thinking I try to run,
but in the dark,those two shadows are out to hunt..
little foot-steps the mistakes I've made,
with a hole in my soul,I look for a shulter,a shade..
A door opens now and another one locks,
they're outside waiting for me,I can hear thier knocks...
I must make my decision now and things will get better,
my heart beating so hard,i can feel it flutter..
forgive me for the pain I caused,
but you must carry on now,life can't be paused..
I'm gonna search deep within for the right answer,
because this thing has spread so far just like cancer..
My present,my past are history now,
I long for my future,for the ring,for the vow.

Friday 23-7-2004