By wordley
Date: 2004 Aug 13
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'Please try again later....'

The telephone rang today and again I rushed madly down the hall,
"Good morning sir, do you need double glazing?"..what a time to call,
It rang again much later.."Good afternoon sir, how is your day?"
It would be so much better if you'ld all just go away!!
I imagine you trying to call me, and find that my 'phone is engaged
And if I thought for one moment I'd missed you, well I'd be so enraged;
So listen all you good people, I don't want my house fumigated
My patio painted, my garden groomed, (I've heard your company's underated!!)
I just want to keep my telephone free for my friend, who's a great communicator,
And I don't want her hearing those dreaded words "The line's busy, please try again later!"