By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Aug 14
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Burn to ashes,
Kill the beast,
Show us freedom,
That lies beneath,
Undo the pain,
Erase the past,
Break each chain,
Just do it fast,
Hearts that ache,
Soul mates that split,
Everything would break,
And turn to shit,
A hurt that's done,
A cut too deep,
You can't always run,
No one ever loved you,you creep,
A taste of your own medicine you shall try,
I didn't suffer for nothing,
You might aswell choke and die,
To forgive you I wish I could,
But you owe to suffer like you should,
You turned my heart into holes,
Sorry won't help,i won't return your calls,
Like a puzzle,into a million pieces I am now,
A worm that turned into a beautifull butterfly,
That was me,I changed so much but I don't know how,
Asshole your eyes will burn from tears,
Asshole there would come a day where I know your fears,
There will come a day when you'll regret,
And I'd be standing still to face you as the pain I didn't forget.

Friday 13-8-2004