By Jane Rain
Date: 2004 Aug 17
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Three Month's Time

just make it through another day
another week
another fortnight without
tasting each other
till both parties forget how love feels
how it felt knowing the other is real
not just a voice heard or message typed
days creep by
soon it's time for him to come around
to take her away
oh how she wants to escape
from the daily drudgery that is her life
and to be with the one person she loves
then negativity takes its toll
she succumbs to thoughts of self-loathing
questioning her ability to fulfill his expectations
his hopes of finally seeing his girl rise as the day fades
that is until he's informed their weekend together
will be spent apart
yet again
he blames her but it doesn't matter
she has already punished herself
reality sinks in
this unforgiving pattern is composed of sorrow and confusion
she is the sole cause of this decrepit loves demise