By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Aug 19
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self destruct

I might've had to taste some of my own medicine in order to learn,I might've had to feel the hurt,to feel the burn..
I lost everything now,I guess my vision was a bit blurry,
I never thought that living without you could be that scary..
My truth had dust all over it,how how was I supposed to know that you were the one when we first met?
Blinded by the mask that people put on as to hide the reality of themselves and thier lives,am I to trust you again after all we've been through,after all your lies?!
It was time for me to come clean,come clean right after I fall a thousand feet under and by some miracle I'd rise to stand up again to continue this process of self destruct..
Self destruct down the whole,
self destruct through it all,
self destruct everyday,
self destruct in every possible way,
self destruct I've lost control,
self destruct my life it stole.

Monday 9-8-2004