By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Aug 25
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I'm done

I wish you'd see rain on that coming date,
I wish you'd remember me every minute of that specific day,just feel the rushing flow of hate..
go ahead destroy everything that was beautiful,just let it burn in this shamful display of blindness..
release that negative energy,
let go of your guilt,
we both went in a seperate way,
and burried all that we've built..
I promised myself it all ends here,
but revenge you see is sweet my dear..
as time goes by it's supposed to kill this endless pain,
but how come I still feel it running in my every vein?
sorry?for what? aren't you a bit late for that?
I remember your face clearly that day and the way you sat..
deep inside I'm going through hell but you don't notice that,I doubt that you care..
you'd probably just look straight into my eyes,without a single tear you'd share..
that image of you still lives in my awakened and every thought,a promise is a promise as a lesson by broken hearts you'll be taught..
cold hearted selfish one,
I've been hurt a lot by you,but now it's over,i'm done.

Monday 23-8-2004