By wordley
Date: 2004 Sep 01
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Bon Voyage my love

"Come" she said "Let's talk for a while"
She of lazy grace and angelic smile,
"Didn't realise you'ld keep me within your heart,
All these years we have been apart,
Surely you knew I had to go
Even though you did love me so?
For I have a man who is kind and good
But jealous, this friendship would be misunderstood"

I think I knew I'd loose her one day,
Didn't think she'd just turn away
Without a word, no sign or ending
A knife through a soul, so firm and unbending
How could what we shared be wrong?
This was the love of friends, forever strong?
Coffee or lunch, a walk in the park
Chatting for hours, on life we'd remark.

The unconditional love that we shared
In good times or bad, for each other we cared,
Now frees you to go and get on with your life,
Caring mother, grandmother, dutiful wife,
You'll always be my secret, no fear of exposure,
But in my life, at least, I need some form of closure
So goodbye my love, and i'm off on my way
And who knows, perhaps we'll meet in heaven one day

"You are in my thoughts at day's dawn,
My prayers at day's end, and my heart always"