By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Sep 06
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A tear you cried

10/7/2003 thursday

A tear you cried                                              
Your memory I burried ,I kept inside..
You blamed me for everything..
Little by little as emotions subside..
I don't hate you ..
But you're no longer on my mind ..
I'm walking down that road ,I'm leaving you behind..
I'm cold..
I'm bitter..
I'm emotionless..
My heart is made of steel..
I'm warm..
I'm kind..
I'm loving..
Each beat of your heart I can feel..
I love ..
I hate..
Or something in between..
Can't make up my mind..
the sun should be out now but it's no where be seen..
The truth..
The lies..
The mestry..
The meths..
The reality of life within the eyes..
The day ..
The night..
Is it raining?
Or is it bright?.
Is it dark?..
Or light?..
I'm lost now..
So what's wrong from right?!