By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Sep 14
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Once in july

Once in July

I don't know what it is that I once felt for you anymore,
I don't care for the simple fact that we're history now,my heart you wished to tore..
was it ever love in the first place?
or was it just admiration that drew me to you,how I wish this I could erase..
The respect I had for you,I have lost now,you're just like any other,
you were messing around behind my back,to trust ever again,I can't even bother..
So now you've come back asking for me to love you again,
I thought living without you would be hard,something hard to explain,
But now that I rethink the hours I spent thinking of you,I found out I could do better than this,you're just another fake,my time by your side was just one big mistake..
How I wish I saw right through you and knew that person behind the mask,but I put all my trust in you,didn't question you or allowed myself to ask..
They say that one should learn from mistakes he's done in the past,
But how come everytime I think of you i'm unsurpassed..
You broke every hope I ever had,working problems out takes two,solving it means the same bullshit we both went through..
I forgive you with all of my heart just for the fact that you were once someone special to me,but now it's time for us both to move on as each would walk in a different path,we'd both be happy and free..
Someday somebody would love me and would appreciate and take good care of me,you're not the only one that could possibly be there,I know he'll never hurt me or make me cry,he'll be with me every single step of the way,together a new life we'd share..
I'm writing you this because it's time for goodbye,
remember the good times we shared once in a life time in "heart breaking" july.

Friday 10-9-2004