By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Oct 10
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Give love a chance.

Wrapped up in this warm feeling and I tell myself there's nothing I would love to see more..
a smile drawn on your face is the best thing in the world of that I am sure..
torn up inside and hurt,a broken heart yet you own the kindest soul,
Fufu don't let two set backs shake your trust and build up a wall..
I know you've been hurt so many times before,
but you're someday gonna have to learn and gain that trust once more..
Fragile heart too afraid to love,
fragile heart it's all written above..
I know there were days where you endlessly cried,
I know that feelings of love in you have died..
From all the lies you've been told,
Left you out-spoken and cold,
I wish those pages in your life I could turn
I wish the sad memories,into ashes by magic I could burn..
Don't be afraid to love again for fufu you've got a heart of gold,
don't worry because one day someday will embrace you in their arms and forever your hand they'll hold.

sunday 10/10/2004