By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Nov 05
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It's our fate

Someday I will turn the page,
some way I will set my soul out of this cage,
I'll stop the tears,I won't cry
I'll face my fears,that without you someday I'll die,
I admit I still love you,to show you how I feel I wouldn't dare do,you must've gotten over me and you haven't got a clue,
I hoped that with time I might learn to forget,
But the truth with you by my side I had nothing to regret,
My first,my last,
you're supposed to be my future and not my past,
Keep your promise because on your word I live,
You're mine forever and for me your heart you'd give,,
My husband,my friend and my soul mate,
We were made for one another,together it's our fate.
                                         Saturday 6/11/2004