By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Nov 13
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Waiting for you to come back

My promise for you I'm keeping,
Your arms holding me I'm longing,
A tear for you before I sleep I always shed,
I remember the songs you sang me before you tuck me into bed,
Your giggles and innocent smile are still fresh in my mind,
That day when we held hands I wish I could keep,now you're hand
I can't find,
I know I drove you crazy with my change of thoughts and different mood swings,
but I care so much that being without you is like an angel with broken wings,
I may be mean sometimes and give you such a hard time,
but I only do that because I want to make sure that you'll always be mine,
If you shall ever fall in love again,I know I'd start to cry,
you promised it'll always be me,me without you?I might aswell die.

Saturday 13/11/2004