By 2ar2ouri
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Nov 13
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9/9/2004 Thursday

I've lost you one time, and once was too much,
Just sitting alone wishing you were here to touch..
You were gone in a day
There was no reason to pray,
Because the angel I had, had just flown away..
My heart had been broken for the millionth time
If I ever found love, it would have to be a crime..
More precious than any treasure,
If I had it my way you would be mine forever..
When you wanted me back all I felt was fear,
Because I was afraid another heartbreak was near..
But when I looked into your eyes,
It was no big suprise,
I couldn't hold back anymore
So I forgot everything that had happened before..
I realized that all I ever wanted was you,
I just hope that what we have now is true..
You're all that I think about all night and all day,
And sometimes when I'm with you I don't know what to say..
I'll admit that I'm afraid that one day you'll go away,
But I'm still hoping that my arms is where you want to stay..
It makes me unhappy because I just don't know,
I wish there was somewhere me and you could go..
All I want is for us to just be alone,
And do all the things we talk about on the phone..
I wish you were here,
Because life's better when you're near..
Are you sleeping at home, are you dreaming of me or you're looking to the three stars,
Anywhere you're at is where I want to be,
Well I've pretty much written all I wanted to write,
Too bad I'm not there to kiss you goodnight.