By 2r2our
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Nov 13
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      Why are you always so cruel with me?
Are you always going to treat me like an UNDERSIRABLE person?
      Are you supposed to IGNORE me all the time?
            I just want to be close to you..

          Is the thing I do such a bad CRIME?

   To tell me when I sit next to you that I'm like PLASTER..

                 Why does life always hurt?
      It feels as if my face is getting pushed in the dirt..
Your mind is a big PUZZLE that is hard 4 me to figure you out,
          Is what you do funny?That I doubt!
    Why does it feel like I've been stabbed in the back?
           My fears are increasing day after day,
             when I think I'm gonna lose you,
  I don't want to live this life without you no more,
         I just want to die if you leave me ALONE,
                just drop down on the floor..
Sometimes I wish I could have a knife to put it in my heart,
But now I'm here just waiting for you to make the right move..

Sunday 28/11/2003.