By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Nov 27
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Learn to let go

Two birds,one knows how to fly,
and the other one is learning,
life is full of ups and downs,
one must fullfil their yearnings,
I wish I could have one of his wings,
but I'm afraid he'll fall,
I wish I could get him out of his shell ,
and teach him how to crawl,
If only I had you as my soul mate,
and your hugs you'll always send,
If only we wouldn't hurt ,
and broken hearts we could mend,
It's never easy to roam through life,
And walk endlessly without an aim,
It's the smart ones that plan their lives,
and work in order to avoid the shame,
You cry,laugh and even shed tears with one another,
You keep it all to yourself ,
and convince it that others don't even bother,
Life can be so cruel sometimes,
especially when you open up your heart for someone,
Life can be a beauty when you let go of the memories,
the memories of what's been said and done,
I may be hard on you sometimes,
it's just that I want to do what's right,
I may act weird and change my mind from time to time,
I just try to avoid a fight,
The two birds have now both left the nest,
Heading two different directions with no rest,
As I now must learn to let go,
I'll leave them both to shine and glow,
But I hope the pain I caused isn't severe,
As they both go back,back to the start from here.
                                       Saturday 27-11-2004