By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Dec 16
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He's Different.

I long for freedom that lies beneath..
As every guy does nothing but destroy,
they play with emotions and treat us like a toy..
But then he comes and makes me realize they
are different in heart and mind,
so open our eyes we must before we
lose our sight and go blind..
He may not be perfect but he sure is,
he makes you smile when laughter in your life you miss..
He may not be prince charming but who really cares?
makes your day when you've faced nothing but empty stares..
I appreciate what he's done although he doesn't know,
he's shown me options in life,ones I never even saw..
A new beginning awaits me,something nice and sweet,
as I leave everything behind me and my past I delete

                                     Wednesday                                         15/12/2004