By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Dec 17
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I remember the first day,I remember everything,
I remember the heartache,I remember you sing..
I wish I could forget,I wish of you I wouldn't think,
I wish that my papers stay blank and I had dry ink..
You think I hate you,but I really don't,
You think time will revive a dead feeling,
but it really won't..
To find happiness I know someday you will,
with nothing on your shoulders as your pain you kill..
What's done is done,you can't go back,earse the past,
just leave as your things you start to pack..
For me you're dead,you don't even exsist,
I faught for long now,I'll hold back,I can resist..
Silly I was back then in the days,
you played with my emotions but i'm past that phaze..
So long now,don't look back,and take care,
watch me as I live again,as I breathe frech air.

Sunday 12-12-2004