By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2004 Dec 30
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In silence

Silently I hold your hand,
silently I break,
suddenly I drown in the sand,
endlessly I start to ache..
The dreams I had are lost in time,
the hopes I wished for will never be mine,
as the clouds of night swin across the occean,
the sun dies in this unstoppable motion,
days of revenge are never to seperate,
as you lay down on the ground,dead of hate..
A rainbow in the horizon slowly fades away,as
I watch myself turn into thin air and disappear in the bay,
I watch my world crumble and fall before my eyes,
with no one to hear me call and never ending cries..
I break the silence,I speak the pain,
a new home I seak as I break the shell of vane,
no matter who I tell,no matter what I say,
this cycle has me trapped in hell,living it every passing day.

Thursday 30/12/2004