By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2005 Jan 01
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Foolishly in love
Have you no pride?
Lost in history where do you hide?
Have you forgotten how it feels?
With every sigh your innocence it steals..
Why you act this way,I wish I would know,
But with time you grow apart from me,
your feelings you stopped to show..
I am not the enemy I hope you realize,
as I've seen this look before,the pain in your eyes..
To help you I really must,I should try,
before you run behind your lust,before you start to cry..
Don't be sad things could have been worse,
you're a prisoner of passion,you can't undo the curse,
but do believe that broken hearts do mend,
as guidance shines your path,"hope" God with always send.

Thursday 29/12/2004