By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2005 Jan 30
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An angry rage

Monday 31/1/2005

I wonder if I made the right decision,
one followed by heartache division,
huge unforgettable deep pain,
destructive feelings rush like a hurricane,
living in unbelievable regret,
running away from it all,trying to forget,
unbearable non-stoppable madness,
at that time I just gave into sadness..
does it always lead to a broken heart?
leaving you blown into pieces apart?
a break-down that ends in one emotional explosion,
a black heart bruised,with a dead pulse and no motion..
Is love a battle in thorn fields?
with warriors falling down and losing their shields?
alone you are,with your wounds you stand,
as they watch you drown,drown in quick sand..
the truth,your tears will never change,
as you lost your chance to be loved in this angry rage.