By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2005 Feb 02
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Death chain

Could this really be happening?
My love and I under one wing?
I'd sit there and stare up at the black sky,
the universe seems so empty without him,I don't know why..
Destiny's a big word,how do you think it will all turn out?
let's start all over,aside we leave the doubt..
Do you think you'll love and cherish me forever?
take care of my heart and break it never?
some promises are kept,others are broken,
your feelings you hide,you leave them unspoken..
let's sit there hand in hand,as my heart and lips get colder,
I look at your warm eyes and lean my head on your shoulder..
nothing can rip us apart,not time,people nor pain,
we're in this together,tied up in one death chain.

Wednesday 2/2/2005