By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2005 Feb 02
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Murdered dream

beautiful pictures I painted of us two,
a life I thought of,a dream I drew,
You'd hold me now and ever,a love so true,
I wish my heart would stop beating for only you,
a dream I had to wake up from,
the day I let you go ,I never thought will come,
I rip your chapter out of my book of life,
it's sad you know,because I dreamed to be your wife,
I heard your news,I know you've moved on,
into ashes our memories burnt and gone,
reality...why must we always come back?
in dreams the sky is blue and never black,
are we destined to always live this way?
with the ones we love so far away?
must we always give into the ugly truth?
my heart grew older,and lost it's youth,
my paintings are all ruined now,
the path I knit was earsed somehow,
I guess tomorrow wasn't made for you and me,
all we have left are three stars for our eyes to see.

Thursday 3/02/2005