By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2005 Feb 04
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S|_| /\/ \/\ Y

Sunny my friend,he's always by my side,
to him all my secrets I tell,I confide,
with him a ray of sunshine lights my day,
it's like the troubles of the world have gone away,
he cheers me up whenever I feel down,
he makes me feel like a queen with my shiny crown,
if ever I could repay and thank him back,
as he shined a life that was ever so black,
I wish I could help him as he had helped me,
I'd save him when lost in angry thoughts,as deep as the sea
Cici's life is no longer in the dark,no longer in the shade,
as shammousa in my life a great difference,he has made.

\(o^_^o)/ 31/01/2005  Monday