By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2005 Feb 17
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To Dad

Do I hate you?
after seeing the pain you've put her through,
and you still ask me,"do you hate me?"
look in my eyes as the answer in them you'll see,
forgive you?how can I after you broke up my family,
you are selfish,all you thought of,is being free,
everyday the same act,the same damn lie,
you come home every night,and make her cry,
If you want to leave,why don't you just go?!
get the hell out of here,back to that fucking HO,
she doesn't really love you,she's after your money,
and you think she's into you,damn that's so fuckin funny,
someday,along the road you'll know,
of seven people whom loved you truly,you let go,
someday when you're grey and old,
you'll regret not listening to what you've been told,

Thursday 18-2-2005