By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2005 Mar 23
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*Last words*

Build me up,tear me down,
lift me up,watch me drown..
Is this real? or is it not?
Is this how it feels to be shot?
I'm not dead,but I don't feel alive,
only a miracle my soul could revive,
a break-down,I do remember,I won't forget,
still clinched to this feeling called "regret",
will my life ever change or will it stay the same?
will they still remember me or will they forget my name?
I want to be immortal, a breath taking fairy tale,
a story told to all ages..young and old,
but I'm only human..a heart that feels,
living in a mess..head over heels,
the world is so small,I always thought of it as big,
feels like I met everyone already;it's like a sharp dig,
there's nothing to do,but to keep walking,
I stop for a while,I'm sick of the talking,
everything so quiet,peaceful and still,
away from it all,in my head the noise I kill,
It's time to grow up, although it scares me to go there,
it's hard to let go of what kept you going,let go of fresh air.
Wednesday 23/3/2005