By Jane Rain
Date: 2005 Mar 30
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For the Love of Fate

Please help me to comprehend why past flames
Must effect how you view me.
Why can't I be "the one" for you?
Similar experiences yet inverse outcomes.
Each action is followed by an equal and opposite reaction.
They exist to frequent our minds and force us to
Think twice about love.
Except your heartbreaks' broke more than your heart.
Goodbye faith and so long beliefs.
Our timeworn glints have been suffocated,
But the smoldering wick and hovering smoke lingers
To pollute your thoughts.
Leave the past where it belongs and live your life,
Your love
Anew (with me).
All I ask from you is to have merely a speck of faith in me,
In us!
That maybe, possibly, I can be your one.