By Star of David
Date: 2005 Apr 22
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Id dance, but the music no longer plays

I'd dance to make myself forget you but the music no longer plays for me. All our songs have fallen into a dark silence that has taken with it your every smile.
While erasing the pain and the loss, the music has somehow stolen your soul away. It helped for a while to keep us happy but it has now taken you to a world where I am no longer wanted and fills your every need.
If I could only listen silently for a while without escaping into thoughts of you, I'd dance like there was no tomorrow just so you'd notice and come back from this self-imposed isolation and love me again.
But the music no longer plays now that you're gone, while the memories become stronger every day. You haunt me in shadows and sunshine, every whisper of words gone by, the sound of rain in the middle of the night. And in this empty silence, I wish you would come back and play your music so I could dance again.
(April 22, 2005)