By Star of David
Date: 2005 May 26
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I never want to play again

I got this SMS from my childhood love yesterday, which asked me to play this game, where you have to describe the person who sent you the message in just one word and then forward it to your friends to see what they say about you.
It seemed silly at first and I almost deleted it without thinking but something made me stop and think, how I would describe him, if I could use just one word.
How can you describe in just one word someone who has always been there, been loyal and been the best person in your life from whom you walked away?
What word can you use? Loyal? Dependable? Trustworthy? What's the word than can capture all that he means and more? What's the word that will show he's different from the rest and one of the best without letting him know the depth of your feelings after this long?
I took the easy way out and cheated - sent the words "one-of-a-kind" with hyphens connecting them so that it seemed like one word. At least for those who believe in my warped logic.
One-of-a-kind - neither here nor there, good or bad; words that could be taken in any way one preferred, words that would not tie you down.
And then, just for kicks, I sent the message to some of my friends. This is what the first five had to say, from SMS one, in order: Crazy. Weird. Freaky. Insane. Maniac.
These words alone explain why I did what I did next. I sent the same message to him, and here's what he said:
"Beautiful..." his message read... and then he cheated too, adding, "In every way, both in and out. You are the best person I ever had in my life."
And that was enough for the guilt and pain to start flooding into me, drowning me in sadness and memories of the past. I never want to play SMS games again - like almost everything else, they begin in fun and end in pain.