By ??????????
Submitted by Star of David
Date: 2005 Aug 12
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Autumn Leaves

Autumn said the horses on our carousel are rusted
Your tears have stained my cheeks a shade of grey
I can't remember how or why I ever said I love you
I wish that you would tell me something interesting to say

The reds and greens and yellows of my life are slowly drifting
In a rain of ash and cinder on this late November wind
I used to be so colorful but now my palette's empty
And I can't do this, And I won't do this

And Autumn leaves
To let me face the Winter alone
And Autumn leaves
To chase her broken dreams back to her home
Autumn leaves

Autumn said I know I feel the days as they grow shorter
And the nights are so long I can hardly sleep
Every time you touch my face you steal me from a state of grace
And build a sky of storm clouds in my dreams

The song inside my heart no longer keeps up with the rhythm
Of the world that plays the blues outside my door
I hear a record spinning in a room that you can't open
And I can't do this
Don't make me do this

And Autumn leaves
Now I can see December blowing in
And Autumn leaves
I guess I'll brave the bitter winds again
Autumn leaves