By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2005 Aug 30
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Split chick

I've been here,I've seen the ending of this before..
think too much I try not to so I decide to ignore..
to trust you again I won't,u hurt me deep down to the core..
with sharp edges that cut the wrist I lay down on the floor..
[My beautiful disasterpiece]with an empty soul,I no longer ache I no longer sore..
with thoughts adding up in my head,I convince myself nothing's worth living for..
crazy ideas swerving round in my mind,going mad,I'm convinced of this more and more..
fighting all sorts of feelings,an end to this I shall put, mixed up emotions with endless thinking I start 2 tore..
a changed person I am now,a peron no one seems to adore..
I hate who I've become,a split chick who never accepted herself so she declared war..
one last look in the mirror,with no regrets I'm off to a new place,a world on my own to explore.