By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Nov 02
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Sifting Through the Silence

I awake
to find your gentle smile
sleeping on my doorstep

and I recall
those weeks we spent
struggling to breathe
searching the wind
for something solid

One more kiss
and I will surrender,
I will lay down
in front of your heart
that now
is no more
than promises and angels
bartering with one another
with bliss and thoughts

Your skin is welcoming
inviting my hands
to sail upon it
and soothe the scars beneath
your mind is a myth
a mystery
that I miss more than all the beauty
the stars could ever offer
(Surrounded by moths and butterflies
I watch them flutter about
with perfect purpose,
every movment made
with calm understanding as its guide;
I'm falling asleep
in this moment
surrendering to you)