By Star of David
Date: 2005 Nov 04
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When the spirit is weak

When the spirit is weak, I want to rush you. Storm you. Force you into submission. Not leave you room to think, to breathe, to hesitate, and hold back. Not even for a moment.

But when the spirit is strong, I will not yield. I can make up my mind to never see you. To not think about you. To erase you from my mind and my senses. For always.

Oh, but when the spirit is weak, the things I could do to you. I would ravish you. Ruin you for anyone else. Leave my mark on you to last a lifetime and scar your soul with my name. I could burn you with this fire raging inside my soul.

But today the spirit is strong. So I silence the whispers and remember you only when the weakness grips me again. And leaves me trembling for your touch.

(November 4, 2005)