By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Nov 10
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Memories Descending

Fall dies early
(the first snowfall begins
devouring the city
in its magic
and each snowflake
pricks me like thorns
as they fall asleep
upon my skin)
and I find
that I am still unable
to absolve myself
of these memories
that cling to my heart
without sympathy

I can not grasp
the rains thoughts
in my hands
(they dream of things
that I cannot comprehend
or ever hope to understand)

I can't breathe
without a love
that has now become
tender and vulnerable
to this doubt
which continues to refuse
to grant me
a single second
to recover
from its unrelenting attack
upon my tired logic
(My last defense
against the pain of love)