By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Nov 15
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The Answer

Will you forgive me
for all these wasted days?

I drowned all the memories
in the black hole of my mind
(Lightning Crashes
and I find my soul
lying battered and bruised
on this city sidewalk at four am
choking on the rain as it falls)

What words will greet me
when I am standing in front of you again
What miracle will you be
when I no longer dream of you;
save me now
from this nescarry crime
kiss me
and toss me into the stars
(Then I will be content
for the rest of my days)

Your gone,
(like all those before you)
and i am not suprised
(without knowing why)
I felt a ripple
in every moment
that you were beside me:
something made sense
when your skin touched mine
and I lost myself in your eyes

When a tomorrow comes
where a placid ecstacy
is mine to grasp
in these calloused hands
and she holds my hand
while she sleeps beside me
with the stars supplying candlelight
I will not think
I will not question
I'll just breathe your essence in
and know that you dream
of waking to my face
[All I will need is you]