By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Nov 15
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Thinking I'm Dreaming

The girl dressed in white
makes her move
with lips like air
she speaks of flowers
blooming in the middle of the coldest winter
and trivial moments
that we all take for granted
but could never bare
to live without
and she smiles
with a strange kind of elegance
that I have never seen before
(she makes me smile)

If your a miracle
(your a miracle)
you can take me away
to some other day
where I can be forgiven
for never having anything to say

If your a mitracle
(your a miracle)
then there is still hope
because theres a future
waiting with patience
for me to find it
(a future that defines
who I am)

If your a miracle
(your a miracle)
then you can save me
from these plastic days
that have nothing left to offer
someone like me
(I hope to God
I figure out whats wrong)