By Fartah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2005 Nov 21
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Ever after

Maybe it's true,fairytales are just fairytales,maybe prince charming doesn't exsist after all,it could just be in my imagination,can never be too sure..
It's the utopian dream,fantasies are just desires..They fade away and burn out with time...High hopes?what for?It's the same silent ending everytime..Mutted by surprise,gobsmacked by the scence,remarkably dying,noticably melting...Transforming into ugly..left in the desert,sun burning my skin,left alone to rot,left with the only person I hate,left by myself and you're not there to carry me back to the shore..Our footsteps haven't changed since the last tide..since you drawned me in neglect..after you knew I was only addicted to you..abandoned me with no cure,walked away and scared these wounds...
Maybe there are no happy endings where I am,I guess I'm just destined to die alone or maybe commit the unforgiven,maybe suicide is the answer?Turn into the cowrd I am and run away from reality,but for what?For the sake of my wounds and never ending torture,for the many broken promises that are yet to be made?If it's for you then every minute of this pain is worth destiny brought us together and it can only rip us apart..Maybe there is no prince charming but to me you are perfect the way you are,you are whole and you complete me in every me you are prince charming in the chapter of my fairytale,in the pages of my life.

18/11/2005 Friday