By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Nov 27
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An explosion of agony
erupts within me
(consuming this body:
this shell
of atoms and energy)
and the music plays:
waves of memories
in sonic form/
I am left
to make sense
of this world
that spins in static
by you
(the wounded angel
with intriguing eyes)

I am still learning
to forgive myself
for every painful memory,
for every stumbled step,
for each day
I battered reality
without reason
and I have reconciled myself
with every shadowy shard of time

when I awake
on a city street
at four am
I see the stars weep
and hope smile gently
while the lonely
descend a little more
into despair
(we're falling,
closing our eyes in defeat
before the battle has begun)

So surrender,
use disgrace as an escape
(I no longer care)
I have waited long enough
in this bitter winter

you were here
and then you were gone
before i could even blink.