By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Dec 12
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I am moving
with a purpose and love
that are decaying rapidly
under the force
of these countless lonely nights
(I am losing faith
in the assurance
that someone out there
is waiting just for me)

My heart hangs above my doorstep
watching the days pass by
void of any emotion
(Headlights and strangers
do not give it any reason
to continue holding on to hope)

How long,
How long will I slide
through time
with this urge to betray the night sky
before her sweet essence
is mine to inhale
(Every flaw woven perfectly
into your soul
adding to the modest beauty
that created this desire
within me
to shatter all my sins
with honest passion:
My dreams are nothing more than ships
sailing over the horizon
after the pure and elusive love)