By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Dec 14
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A Tear In My Blanket

The Discovery
of a tear in my blanket
reminds me of you
as I use it
to scavenge what little warmth
can be found in my room

The year has passed
in the time it took
for me to turn away
and now I have nothing
of any tangible value
to offer to Decembers
cold and demanding arms

So now
I wander from my house
pacing the streets
staring at pebbles on the ground:
encasing a different memory
into each random, smooth,
jagged and chaotic stone
leaving them to the mercy of the universe

I have no sympathy for myself
for the mistakes I've made
(You are no longer here
to smile when the evening arrives,
to saturate me with desire,
to mend my minds wounds,
or stitch my blanket
clumsily back together
with mismatched thread and your ressurected innocence
all because my eyes were shut with confusion
in every moment i was near you)