By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Dec 14
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Snowflakes and Sympathy

Winter this year
is fickle
and unsure
whether to grant my wish
and continue in its slumber
or defy my desperate pleading;
enveloping the city in its cold and relentless arms -
Restless like me.
(Sending a tidal wave
of memories through my mind)

All I wanted
was for you to understand me,
hold my hand
and kiss me
with sincerity
(Then after this year
had drowned in history
I would have something
of the highest value:
Something to make this life
(these fragile days
that float like paper cranes
on the oceans surface)

But instead
I lay on the earth
with confused and vacant eyes
staring through the aritificial light
of streetlamps
at the wonderous night sky
while snowflakes sleep beside me peacefully
silently offering sympathy and consolance
in whatever way they can
(They ache with sorrow,
knowing nature will not allow them to melt)

*added the 8th line of the fist stanza upon posting. don't know if im gonna keep it or not....