By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Dec 16
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Can you break?
Can you bend?
Will you call me
if this spring storm
erupts in a climax of fury
(the lightning and thunder
battering my thoughts
shattering what clarity
I have managed to create)

or will I
sit in the darkness
and silence of my home
daydreaming with melancholy eyes
watching the rain
pour relentlessly down
flooding the streets
like a million tears of God

We both made mistakes
(we both caused a little heartbreak)
So please
find the strength to forgive
but do not forget
[Create a garden
where every mistake may grow,
flower and bloom
into some riteous mentor:
Will you tend to me?
give me water
and give me love
(If I drown in this storm
I believe that you will give me air;
though there is pain in the knowledge
that you will bandage my wounds with sympathy
and with sympathy alone)]