By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Dec 16
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Disappearing Wishes(For a Gift)

Take back
your miracles,
your lustful beauty
that you allowed me to ravage
in your dimly lit room
where the hours of the night passed
by us tangling and untangling
our sweaty bodies
(your body was like fire
consuming every atom of me
in desire)
Oh how your soft skin
haunts me now
when I see you
(within reach
but forbidden to my touch)

Take back
my heart
it is tainted with your essence
and I can no longer keep it
within my chest

Take back these memories
they are too heavy
for me to carry any longer
(give them eyes to see
lungs to breathe
and do with them what you will)
I am tired
exhausted by time
(I place each wish
carefully beneath my tree
hoping they will disappear come morning)