By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Dec 16
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I am trivial
Unknown to the stars
that drift
millions of light years away
(they have no reason
to search for me:
What worth do I have
to offer
to their eternally beautiful arms?)

I have devoured
every invisible drop of passion
that has managed to hang on
to each tiny weary atom
that constitutes this tired being
(I'm barely recognisable:
an empty shell
that has nothing to say;
no will to take another step)

I have finally found myself
after all these years
of intense searching
and I am disgusted
(repulsed by the sight
of this weak and exhausted entity:
A foolish freak,
A starving son,
A continental calamity,
and a confused void
that lives off
of the echoes of its lonely dreams)

I am irretrievably lost
(this is who I really am)
throaty screams of agony
weigh these tears to the ground
before gravity can even blink
Every breath,
brings pain to my soul
(like pins being driven deeper
ever closer to the core)

It hurts to smile
because I am trivial
Unknown to my future love
that walks
somewhere upon this earth
(I give her
no reason to search for me:
I do not have
even a grain of worth
residing in this body and mind
to entice her eternally beautiful arms)