By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Dec 22
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A Journey

My hands touched you
in your bed
introducing you to curiousity;
there our eyes met
in that way
for the first time

My figners walked
your bodys inviting skin
in my living room;
feeling every inch of heat
rising off its surface
into the cool night

My lips roamed
your neck and chest
igniting desire in your eyes
you grabbed ahold of me
on the couch
and pulled me closer
as we tumbled to the floor

My tongue devoured
every in inhibition
in the shower
as the water fell down
your entrancing face
in slow motion

Hands, hips
feet, hearts
mouths and knees
all moving in a perfect dance
choreographed by a carnal desire
here in my bed
(your moans of ecstacy
and your screams of disbelief
fill my ears)
How incredible
              The Naked You