By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2005 Dec 22
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A Reminder of You

                Each time it rains
                   a smirk slowly betrays my thoughts
                (We fell apart
                       like month old memories
                        of latenight dreams)
                   A pause for penance
                   then I continue walking
                       kissing each raindrop
                           as it falls
                   quaintly thinking
                      it will grant me some kind of luck

                 Let us not dance
                   through this storm
            make each movment float:
             seeping grace from every pore
           and we'll hope
                         to never meet dry land

                 Everytime it rains
                Wonder and a wildly free gloom
                  remind me of that scent in the air
                   that you can taste so vividly
                  shortly after the storm
                   has fallen deeply into sleep
                  (The essence of you
                      in those yesterdays
                      when we were one)